It is Finally Time…

maxresdefault.jpgI have been waiting, as patiently as I am capable, to fill you all in on a little secret.  Those of you who have been on various journeys with me will understand why this is so special.

Hours and hours of hard work has paid off… in 14 days my first book will be PUBLISHED and physically in my hands! I am over the moon with excitment!  I realize it si not for everyone. I did not write it for everyone.  However, it is written for the someones who know my journey and share in the investment of the adventures and heartaches… or those who love poetry.

A BIG thank you to all who helped make this happen and know this is the first of many more to come. Pre-order is possible, just let me know and I will send you an invoice for the preorder and shipping!


To pre-order click here or comment in the section below this post with an email I can reach you with an invoice! Pre-orders are $10 w/free shipping!

Last thing I want to say… don’t ever give up on yourself or your dreams. Many of you will see in my book where you have played a roll, you will see yourself and I am forever changed by your investment.  So, I end with this thought… 

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Marginalized Qualities

I have a new role… and I must meet the obligations it imposes.
Wonder Woman

Vamers-Atristry-Marvel-and-DC-Superheroes-Walk-Their-Children-to-School-Banner.jpgSincerity, transparency, authenticity, and curiosity… I consider these leadership characteristics , to often be marginalized qualities. The countertraits first can create a strong foundational quality for successful leadership.  Each trait has a tendency to be squelched by the development of other, more favorable leadership habits such as: knowing all, maintaining image, personal interests, and experience.

Here are some leadership lessons we can all take into account when working with other human beings!

  • “Govern yourself with love, kindness, and service to others” -Wonder Woman
  • “Failure is the fog from which we all glimpse triumph.” -Iron Man
  • “With great power comes great responsibility.”
  • “You want to control me, & you can’t. But that doesn’t make me your enemy.”
  • “Courage is nothing without the will to use it.”
    -Iron Man
  • “Everything’s impossible until someone does it.” -Batman
  • “We’ve all been where you are. Someone helped us when we needed it. Now it’s time to pay it forward.”
  • “No one can win every battle, but no man should fall without a struggle!”
  • “I went from being a man trapped in an iron suit to being a man freed by it.”
    -Iron Man
  • “This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences.”
    -Captain America
  • “Mankind is not evil, just uninformed.”
    -Prof. X
  • “You can overcome this or you can wither and die. The choice is yours.”
  • “It’s never as bad as it seems. You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.”

We would love to hear from you about your favorite lessons learned from superheroes.   Please drop us some feedback! Let’s all follow after the great Bruce Wayne as Batman… ” I’m going to try to break the link in the unreal world.” Sure we can come out of the dark boxes we placed ourselves in as conformists and begin creating and leading others into greatness!


Little Blue Bird

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book to be released this summer. 

wordpressbluebird.jpgTiny little blue bird,
how sweet you sing to me…
Delicate and beautiful
as you spread your wings;
I watch you through my windowsill
and wonder of all you see.
You rest awhile on a branch
In my magnolia tree.
Then off you go with no goodbye
to continue your day’s journey.
I will see you again one day,
but for now you’re off exploring



Word shedding

You think I’m quiet… my reality is within my head it is loud and ranges from raging to numbness. Outside most see a mostly quiet, apparently shy, or potentially avoidant wall flower. I most seek observation of others in their interactions. 

Shedding thoughts, maddening thoughts rolling all around

I fail to adequately express what I feel and think

My secrets are expressed in words I don’t recognise as my own

Where does shame come from…?

I venture to guess there are innumerable words that would answer the question… what is the source of shame? Let’s explore one trail of thought… The word abuse literally means to use an object for a purpose for which it was never designed. This definition is just as accurate when applied the inappropriate treatment of another human being.  Damage and brokenness can leave an individual with much rejection and heartache, and can be left drug dependent… alcohol dependent… codependent on unhealthy relationships and simply unstable in various ways with every reason not to succeed in life. 

It’s not the “You’re not the same person I met few years ago.”But,It’s the “You’re not the person I thought you were.” that creates a divide between you and another individual. Unfortunately as selfish as we are innately, we tend to believe that we can read minds and assume we know what others are thinking, feeling, or planning to do. To whom does this behaviour or manner of thinking benefit? 

I realise there is so much more to offer at this topic but I don’t want to be redundant…. or a dead horse. Ha, see what I did there. Ok now really. I think this point, we have to address what’s on the flipside of shame. As far as I could see the opposite of shame is love and more love. 

Love will sustain, provide, it will not cease… love protects, always hopes, and still believes even when we don’t. Love provides arms to hold us and does not fail, not true love. 

My heart… at times is twisted and heavy and I can’t turn back to what was once comfortable, I find nothing greater than love. Love is here and alive! Love provides a place for each of us to try and fail and try and succeed as well as a place to be celebrated for who we are as individuals not just for what we can do… In this, we look to the cross…

Through the cross, Jesus embraced personal sacrifice for the sake of others. This is a key to personal evangelism and loving all. When we follow Jesus and take up our cross, we learn to embrace personal inconvenience and sacrifice for the sake of others just like He did. Nothing about this life promises comfort other than the Great Comforter…

Let Love Reign 

The two greatest commandments are great because they are central to what human existence is all about. Everything we say and do is governed by them. Today, and every day, therefore, let love reign. Letting love reign is not an easy concept but I think it is one many desire to do either in name or in true desire without action behind the want… 

Sometimes God allows things to happen that we may not like or understand and sometimes people do things that wound us or hurt us in some way. He doesn’t cause the pain but he does not take away human will. We are all familiar with this situation of life.  However, I can say this emphatically with personal passion…no matter what happens to us – trials, troubles, tribulations, offenses, hurts, wounds – we should not cease to love.

This is not necessarily a posting I want to make. I would like to say we can seek justification by our own hand and hold grudges and find retribution in the pain of others that have hurt us… But those are lies. 

According to Jesus, love of Father and neighbor are the greatest commandments (Matthew 22:36-39). Indeed, He said that “‘All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments’” (Matthew 22:40). In other words, every other commandment is in some way a commandment to love. 

Jesus told us, loving Father and neighbor are the greatest commandments (Matthew 22:36-39). Indeed “All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:40). Basically…every other commandment…in some way is a commandment to love. 

Here are four characteristics of love:

  1. Love bears all things and The one who truly loves the Father and neighbor is not be easily offended or hurt. let me be the first to say for me this is hard… This is really hard. I think this is challenging because we have feelings and as humans we think those feelings are important to not only us but should be important to those that love us, And we most often hold those who love us to the same standard that we hold ourselves in regards to how we treat others and how we expect them to treat us or consider us. I must say this is a real challenge. 

2. Love believes all things, which is to say believe the best about the Father and neighbor. Not that we are ignorant enough to believe everything that comes out of another person’s mouth but we believe the best in others and look for the best in others and celebrate others. I look at this as we try to think positively until someone proves us wrong in an instant but continue with that trend each time despite past behaviors. Not that we are ignorant to past behaviors because as a therapist I have been top past behavior predicts future behavior which is a challenging feature to get beat beyond when it comes to my integrating a Christian life approach in work and socializing. Respecting Father acknowledges no wrong motives in his word and His deeds and desires towards his children. Respecting our neighbors requires us to deny ourselves and put away any over the suspicion toward their motives, words, and actions. I am certainly not saying let’s all be naïve and walk blindly through life as if everyone is being truly honest and forthcoming in all they say and do, of course not we should be wise but yet we should be gentle. We should be gentle and both words and actions. Our gentleness should shine through our honesty and compassion.

3. Love hopes all things… with respect for the Father, this means that love trus Him to fulfill all his promises made to us in His word. His word never changes. We must continue to believe he will bring his glorious plan for redemption to complete fulfillment. Now considering the respective neighbors… this means Love expects the best of people and hopes for the best for others. Let’s not forget the hardest part love believes continually without falter that others can always change. There is always hope for change in another person with the help of the Father. 

4. Lastly… Love endures all things. This is hard. I think we can all agree this is hard. We have all been hurt we have gone through so much as humans in this broken world. The world does not generally handle us a basket of roses and a yellow brick road with beautiful music as a soundtrack back drop. That yellow brick road does not come smooth and billowing. Life is filled with Rocky pothole filled roads that twist intern filled with briars and things that trip us and wild animals that jump out of the bushes. Sometimes those wild animals are in the shape of other humans and that creates deeper pain, wounds, and scars especially if it’s someone we love and trust. If we are to truly love the Father and our neighbor as the Scripture tells us to then we can never give up on either one of them not the Father and not our neighbor. This sort of means if we believe one part of scripture we believe it all, or we believe none of it. We can also not give up on love, It’s not an option. 

No matter what happens to us on this old muddy ball called earth we know the end of the story… We know how the book ends… We are the victors. We also know to expect trials, struggles, and tribulations. I think I’ve heard those three words my entire Christian life. Not my entire life but my entire life as a Christian. Struggles I get, trials are you quite two larger scale test, but tribulations what are we talking about here… I think I’ll take time in a future post to address that, At least my opinion of what tribulations are for us. Needless to say back on the subject of love endures all things, we can most definitely expect hurts, pain, Woodlands, stabbing words, backbiting, gossip, people who abandon us, rejection, isolation, and a whole host of other things that we all go through because of the human condition… But through those things we are not granted permission to give up on or stop practicing love. I intentionally chose the word practicing because I think we walk that out daily I think as humans we are learning to love more and more as our Creator loves. 

It has now become my opinion that we should not be people who love but people of love. A person of love endures all the hurts and pains of life and presses forward and continues to live a lifestyle of love. I want to reiterate what I said at the beginning…The two greatest commandments are great because they are central to what human existence is all about. Everything we say and do is governed by them. Today, and every day, therefore, let love reign.

I hope this has spoken to you today as it has to me, please give me your feedback on the topic I think it something we all feel deeply about and are too afraid to share because of all the hate in the world and the smaller numbers that seem to be so loud concerning their disdain and hate towards gentleness kindness and compassion because of whatever reason they have been hurt and they are hurting. The old saying goes, misery loves company, so I will add to that let’s break that cycle now. 

“It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

‭-‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬.