There’s always that awkward self intro…

I collage.jpg want to leave behind my finger print on this planet when I finally go home to be with Jesus. I love mission work, community service, meeting new people and helping the hurting. I love Jesus and everything about following Him even when times are tough and present challenges. There is a lesson to learn in every daily encounter.

I love red kites, caramel drizzle coffee, chocolate pop tarts w/out the edges, and pumpkin scones. I drink hot tea all day and read as often as I can. I love to paint anything that will be still and surprise people with things they love. I love sending mail, holding babies, and seeing people share their love and passion!

My life is geared to please my Lord to the best of my natural ability, pouring out an offering of all I have every day, thankful for the very air I breathe. I am far from perfect and I mess up again and again but that isn’t import, what matters is I get back up and keep walking.

HE was stretched across a tree, gave up HIS life for me and my tragic story known as life. He took MY place, my Savior took that tragic story and turned it into a glorious love story. He overcame death, that image of an invisible God took on the world, sin, death, and the grave and overcame! Praise God. This is the God I know!  Meet me and lets take over the world! You may see me fall down, you may see my scrape my knees but you will also ALWAYS see me pick myself back up and go on… I don’t give up! Lets change lives and help those who cannot help themselves, and touch the lives of those who don’t even know what they are missing in life! 

Invest in the Kingdom through missionary care!


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