Little Blue Bird

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book to be released this summer. 

wordpressbluebird.jpgTiny little blue bird,
how sweet you sing to me…
Delicate and beautiful
as you spread your wings;
I watch you through my windowsill
and wonder of all you see.
You rest awhile on a branch
In my magnolia tree.
Then off you go with no goodbye
to continue your day’s journey.
I will see you again one day,
but for now you’re off exploring




Be Strong and Brave. 

We may feel attacked, hindered, and restrained; We may feel discouraged, depressed, and defeated

Paul tells us, in Ephesians 6:10,  “Be strong in The Lord  and in the power of His might.

Then Paul gives us secrets to winning our battles by explaining the supernatural pieces of armor that we need to wear every day.  I encourage you to stand up and put on those pieces of armor afresh and anew.

  • Belt of Truth – from the Full Armor of God:  Truth is important to God, and I must keep it important to me.
  • Breastplate of Righteousness – from the Full Armor of God:  The breastplate of righteousness reminds me that I am forgiven, and I have a home in heaven.
  • Shoes of Peace – from the Full Armor of God:  Knowing that the price of my sins has been paid, gives me peace about my eternal future.
  • Shield of Faith – from the Full Armor of God:  Faith makes impossible things become possible.
  • Helmet of Salvation – from the Full Armor of God:  Salvation is a gift from God.
  • Sword of the Spirit – from the Full Armor of God:  We are all called to become great sword fighters –fencing yet this is the most superficial view of the sword of the spirit.  It holds great meaning for our defense in battle. 

This is more of an overview…  What are your thoughts on one piece or all pieces of our given are our and its use In its natural existence?