Even Now

For me part of the journey of my faith is whatever I have done in each stage still believing for the miracle until finally it looks like what I have been believing for has died and is completely impossible and even then I don’t give up. I park outside the tomb of impossibility and determine in my faith and say EVEN NOW God can do this. I think every person alive has to make this choice as to what you’re going to believe. We can make a difference both as individuals and a unified body of believers in circumstances around us. We can make a difference by the choice we make. We can choose to believe there is a God who’s word is more powerful than anything you can see or experience in life and His word can change what we are doing. When you take a promise and mix it with the Word of God and worship in His presence miracles will happen.

Father, I believe that you are real and you hear us. I am asking you for a manifestation of your Word and your will in lives, families, cities, nations and over the entire Earth. Complacent Christianity has not done so well for our nation and our only hope is an awakening in you…