Trajectory… rooted beliefs creating behavior

 You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.Gandhi

HAAOur personal belief system is our life’s root system..   it plays a distinct role in our behavior and choice making; in a sense belief the root, means that behavior is the fruit!  Expect it…  You do not like some current behavior that is proving to be unhealthy, ineffective, or bothersome I suggest you take a look at your beliefs about the matter.

I guess I should preface this entire post with… these are solely my own personal opinions.  We all have opinions and well, here are some mine…

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

People, in general, stay the same.  Past behavior is a good indicator or predictor of future behavior, apart from intervention or some wild life changing event and then there are no guarantees.  So where does that leave us?  Doomed to the hamster wheel of predictive cycles?  Not necessarily.  I think when someone makes up their mind and decides, things change, otherwise there will always be an excuse to be found. Excuses are handy and convenient.  It is my opinion we have a duty to our fellow man to create opportunities for growth and environments for good will to prosper.  Said opportunities may not always be utilized and more than likely will be vastly underutilized but availability is a hurdle that will not need to jumped, leaving no excuse for others to neglect those around them except by definite purposeful choice.

I also have to wonder if there are many ways to help others begin change which in turn creates a change in trajectory of their life post decision making.  Trajectory cannot be altered until excuses cease and an intervention or life changing event occurs to the extent that root systems shift.  A shifting in a root system creates a change in the fruit production!  We cannot continue making excuses for others either.  On the flip side… we must align ourselves in support with others hopes, dreams and aspiration and realize we have something to offer them to help them on their journey.

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.  -Einstein

In short, a few other things that come to my mind are challenging others in their growth by confronting negative behavior patterns, push them to strive for improvement, offer individuals-societiesa hand, be involved in community and connecting people, ask what would be helpful and be prepared to offer help, and last but not the end of a lengthy kind list, be a safety!  We are each individuals with limits but when we connect with others we become a unit and the way society is moving safety and security is in the deficit, in the toilet these days!  I don’t for a moment believe any of these things are too much to ask…  There was once a strong sense of community, responsibility, and unity.  This has dissipated and needs reviving.  We are not beings made to live a lone wolf lifestyle.  Introverts don’t freak out Im not saying alone time isn’t needed or healthy; I am saying however we are relational beings that need others to be in our lives sharpening us, pushing us toward growth and pulling us back from the cliff edge.  We cannot give up on one another and we can’t continue to watch others purposefully seek out weaknesses in people to prosper from or create gain in loss.  We have a duty to one another, a responsibility to be a safety net when we see someone on the high wire.

Pickingapple_105201In so many words I suppose I am challenging you to check your fruit and decide whether your behavior is just and healthy, allow others to speak and invest in your life to challenge you to growth.  If you find your fruit to be damaging or most unhealthy consider taking a peek at your root system and find the areas your beliefs need a tweaking or maybe a complete overhaul!  You don’t have to do it alone reach out and be vulnerable allowing someone to take your hand and even possibly pick up a bucket or shovel however the case may be.

A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity. 
If society fits you comfortably enough, you call it freedom. 


Rhetoric with Frederick

Positive+Rhetoric+950.jpgSO… I have a friend I call Fred. He has given me a gift more valuable than any coin can buy.  My friend Fred and I have a continuous exchange on a near weekly basis of banter and repartee.

For many weeks now I have been praying with my small group concerning some specific prayer requests and challenges. I have to admit I had been coming up with more questions than answers and more head scratching moments than AHA’s! I was beginning to ask others more wise than myself, where are the answers and when does change come?! All the while change was rolling in… not the change I was immediately praying for however but change I had previous interceded for years past and come to believe the answer must be an emphatic NO and my desire to that past prayer was a situation without redemption.

I am grateful to say I have never declared myself more wrong! Many things in life can be replaced but people cannot. I did not believe it possible for lost community to be found or relationships never had to be redeemed in some ambiguous mysterious way that only God could foreknow because my mind of course could not conceive HIS greatness and HIS ability to not only create but REcreate. How great is God that he is concerned with the little things hidden away in the tiny treasure boxes in the corners of our heart.

Back to my friend Fred.

Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.

Fred began sharing with me over weeks his perspective of my challenge and how God could use it to bring together a community of people, a small people but a mighty beautiful people nonetheless. I was hard pressed to believe this especially with so much of my energy focused on my personal pitiful plight. All the while the Lord began to nudge my heart toward this small life changing investment opportunity known as a small group. I had been with them for over a year and I care for each of them. Some I know better than others but at the time this all began I would not have called any of them for help. Not because I did not believe they would come but then again did I believe they would come?

John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.

My friend Fred made it unequivocally clear to my isolated thinking that he and his dear wife had every intention of making a nest in my life one way or another and take it or leave it they were here to stay. I wasn’t sure what to think about this as no one has ever pulled up a piece of yard and planted roots in my life. double-living-root-bridge-Insist-Post_vnwmz7Fascinating I thought over and over. Simply. Fascinating. Many previously have invested little bouts of time and effort in various aspects of my life. A little sprinkle here and some confetti there all of which I have and will be forever grateful as each person who took a step with me on my life journey has created change for me and in me. My trajectory is continually altered. As this played out I saw not only my fantastic friend Fred and his dear wife begin creating a bridge into my world but many others in this small community did the same. So, like a fish out of water I allowed this to converge.

Fred and his dear wife, on multiple occasions, followed their statement of “we are praying for you” with assurances that these words were not empty and they are partnering with me in this journey and have an investment to see change, healing, and miracles manifest in whatever way God’s process takes us. To be partnered with changes things. Changes a lot of things. This is my fight I have thought but is it? Its not. It is God’s fight. I am just a piece in the puzzle joined to many other pieces… my friend Fred is one of those pieces and without each other, Fred, his lovely dear of a wife, and “the others” (beautiful people you will hear more about at a later date) we would be just scattered pieces in a box that form what? Is there a visual? A picture to be seen if the pieces are not placed together? csql_image_puzzle_pieces_outline

This is where things begin to change in my thinking, feeling and doing… The things you believe about yourself, your circumstances, and others determines your future… as for that part of the story.. it is still to come at a later time… Cheers!

A Lightbulb Moment: Living on Purpose

In brainstorming with my best friend for a work project, we discussed purpose, our life purpose and how to identify it. I find many of my clients ask the question repeatedly of what is their purpose and who are they… Mostly in the larger scheme of life’s picture. In her general way of profound wisdom dispersion my bestie began describing what I realized was a state of fluid existence within purpose. I suppose I was surprised by this because here I am writing about it. 

As followers of Christ we come to the alter and say here’s my heart Lord and we then can begin viewing our purpose as accomplishing the GCx2… Great commission and the Great commandment. But these are fixed points of accomplishment such as doing and list checking… Where does this leave room for the thinking as feeling that follows the doing around? I am, of course only speaking for myself in these over generalised terms. Maybe you have it all figured out and could offer me life altering feedback which of course I welcome! Help me work smarter not harder any day! But this paradigm shift so boinked me in the noggin I haven’t been able to get it off my mind all day! 

What now?  I think this leads me to a place of complete new adventure and discovery of daily purpose and opportunity to change many aspects of the world around me and not just staying in my assigned seat. On a side note by the way I was never good at that  in school so I don’t see that changing… 

Something within me that has been personally discouraged feels newly refreshed and awakened to newness of opportunity. I have not been an individual that fit well in a box of any shape. Many have tried and most find they get frustrated with my perceived noncompliance… I believe it’s not that at all. I was not made to fit in a box or to stay in my lane… Believe me when I say I am emphatically aware I am opinionated and just in case anyone thought I might forget there are plenty of willing community members to offer up their assurance in reminding me of my strong feelings and opinions as if I should be ashamed. Because this is my platform I can take the opportunity to say as long as I am not I hurting anyone and I am being kind my opinions will remain strong and healthy. Such vibrant opinions can be harmful to others I am aware but paired with kindness and wisdom makes a world of difference and change. The kindness I practice and skilfully shape and well the wisdom… I hope it’s growing… The appropriate effective application of knowledge… I hope my wisdom is growing. 

How do you live on purpose? What defines you? How do you recognize accomplishment within yourself and from whom does your life’s validity come? Concerning purpose… I can’t imagine I will leave this thought here so I am sure there will be more to entertain you soon.