The Full African Experience. 

  The view from my sickbed put there by a virus that has picked us off rather quickly! I could not have imagined this sickness. I have now been down for more than 24 hours, but I believe soon I will be well. We go on safari tomorrow so health must come quickly! We have had such a productive trip. 

I went to the chemist today for a second check up. My first check up was in proxy. A friend went and talk to the doctor yesterday and he sent medicines. The system here is so different than the states. Pushing fluids. Today I tried Dawa and it wasn’t a pleasure at all… I had hoped it would help. It is a hot drink… Water, lime, ginger, and garlic. Oh. My. It was something, but I finished it.   Otherwise I have been living on apple juice that tastes heavenly and water. Lots of water. 



Strength is found in obedience.

 Thoughts and motivations to strengthen our obedience…

Don’t place your hope in a spectacular moment. Place your hope in a supernatural God.

How we respond to pressure is determined by the strength of our foundation in God.

Trusting in a God of love creates an unexplainable desire to love others.

You can tell what you desire by how you pursue it.

God wrote a book about our lives. His thoughts about us are as numerous as the sand. It’s hard not to fall in love with Him. 

 Never negotiate, because others do not understand. Burn out of control.

In the place of suffering there is a God worth worshipping.

We cannot become what we need to be, remaining what we are.

The essence of the kingdom is manifesting solutions to people’s problems.

“Don’t miss what’s coming by trying to make it look like what came.” -Damon Thompson “The kingdom is about aggressive people receiving divine opportunities.” 

“You are not what the enemy did to you. You are what God did for you.”