To dine or not to dine…

Ethiopian Cuisine Experience
A beautiful day was delivered us by Kenya once again. It was delightful. The cool breeze and bright sunshine accompanied natures quiet subtle sounds. 

I haven’t been sleeping entirely well waking up about 3am every morning. Most nights or wee hours of the morning I sit myself at the open window and listen to nature and feel the chill outside! 

I worked with the tck’s all day and enjoyed all the adult company I had as well. This group of people are fascinating and something akin to superheroes. I am continually in awe of the stories they share and experiences they encounter. The lay their life down daily.

Last night our team was graciously treated with a culturally elaborate, traditional Ethiopian meal for dinner. It was most interesting. No one who knows me would believe I participated with as much gusto as I could muster. Let’s just say, those who know me well… This was a real character building moment ha! A stretch and challenge! I did it but once is enough. I am grateful for the experience.  



Happy New Year opening from Kenya! 

What a beautiful peaceful closing of 2015 and beginning to a new fresh year of 2016. 

I sat on the porch, after a nap of course, to watch the fireworks and as the clock rolled in January 1.  It was peaceful, chilly, and full of life. Across the way I could see a Bon fire with atleast 100 people roasting things on sticks and in another direction a group of people huddling for fireworks to begin. My favorite part of the evening was the sound of praise ringing through the air from a gathering somewhere in the trees behind my little house. There is such a strong sense of community here, there have been two groups of missionaries gathering and I have watched the other groups children play outside for hours with each other… Many of them meeting for the first time. No one was “bored” or too hot to play outside. For that matter all the children played with sticks and balls and frisbees,  freeze tag, mother may I, wrestling in the grass. 

If I could bring anything back with me as a gift to my home community, it would be how to be a community. It would be a sense of unity and love for one another with a desire to connect.