Luby’s… I survived. Barely.

Challenge 1: It wasn’t my intention to begin hastily in the deep end of the pool however… Today I embarked on a journey that if I had known would involve Luby’s I would have not attended… Or at least prepared better mentally and carried Lysol wipes.
I recently told you about the challenge I was given to overcome some of my peculiarities… (That’s what I call them so humor me) My friend would be proud if she had been with me today!
Let me set the scene for you…
Sticky floor, trays on a bar to slide, crowded room, soda fountain open for public use, and sticky STICKY chairs. I will too this off by sitting in a sticky chair with my back to not only the room but the exits as well…
Let’s just call it slight discomfort.
I will say there was wonderful service and I was in good company but challenged.
No “dear friend” of mine I did not use the metal flatware but I did stay in my seat… Sticky and facing away from crowd and exits… But I stayed put.
Yes it sounds silly and petty but everyone on the planet with an exception for someone I have never met…
So in the mean time whether you are judging me or not let’s just all agree we all have strange things we do or avoid.