How to Turn Off Your High Beams for Dummies

Everyone that drives vehicle or rides shotgun has been blinded by an oncoming vehicles high beams at one time or another! I think we can all agree it is very frustrating and at times dangerous especially if there are multiple incidents in a row!

There are so many life applications in this scenario but, for times sake, I am going to explore only one!

This occurrence everyone encounters when traveling on the road at dark can be frustrating to say the least and creates all manner of responses. Road rage often ensues, and at the mildest for a driver at least thinks a rude comment if not voicing said thought. Not only does oncoming bright lights frustrate a driver but those drivers tailgating you with high beams engaged is enough to cause an abrupt brake check or a minor fist shake!!! The nerve of those rude drivers!

It is possible a driver with high beams on is unaware at times they are bright lighting you and then again it is possible some drivers, just down right do not care! Exactly how hard is it to reach over and click off those high beams when nearing another motorist? It’s easier than texting and driving, looking through a playlist, and/or calling your mom!

In life, as we muddle through our daily routine we often become lackadaisical in our encounters with other “people”, say in the grocery store, or at the bank. We have our high beams of focus on and extend no courtesy to our fellow man. It used to be both habit and respect to open a door for a women or your elders and now it seems to be first come first serve, self service, and “oh, they are NOT beating me to the front of the line”! What would happen if we lived int he moment and became more aware of those we encounter? Everyone is struggling, in some form, and struggles and pain are all relative to the individual experiencing them. Be kind!

A smile from a stranger, a cheesy joke, or a kind gesture could change someones entire day! However running into someone with your buggy, dashing to a door to get in before an elderly couple can slow you down, and having an attitude when speaking with a costumer service individual can change a persons entire day as well… not in a good way. The human condition is to be in survival mode, to step on those you can to get ahead, and to look out for number one but such behavior is a choice! Come on don’t tell me you are incapable of re-engaging your brain and your heart and stop running on autopilot to check off your to do list!

“Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.”
~Bill Cosby 

Kindness“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32 ESV

“The worldly man treats certain people kindly because he ‘likes’ them: the Christian, trying to treat everyone kindly, finds himself liking more and more people as he goes on – including people he could not even have imagined himself liking at the beginning.” -C.S. Lewis

I suppose a list of examples of kind acts or deed is appropriate:

1. Give up your seat and SMILE
2. Hold the door for someone and SMILE
3. Hug someone
4. Make someone new feel welcome
5. Have a positive conversation with a stranger
6. Let someone in front of you in the checkout line
8. Tell someone how well they are doing and let them know you notice their hard work
9. Help someone in need even if your busy
10. Really listen to someone needing to talk

Just a final thought… being inconsiderate for others is becoming the “norm” in our society. How sad. Consider your own life… how often do you do anything outside of your routine? Does it involved anyone else?  Does it cost you anything?  1069193_604481856250579_796186201_nDoes it bring something positive to someone other than yourself?  Don’t be the one that even you complain about… the one who opens the door and steps in front of a women or someone older, or the one in such a hurry to get to their business they don’t mind cutting someone else off to get in line first.  This behavior sounds minor but it is draining, it creates tension, and takes peace away leaving us cranky.  No one I have ever met has a desire to be a negative but inconsiderate behavior is wounding on a basic humane level, and provokes rudeness.

I am not under any delusion that all inconsiderate behavior can be stopped or living with magical thinking that one day there will be peace brought to all mankind through simple acts of kindness.  We as individuals have control over our personal reaction to inconsiderate people and reframe from contributing rudeness to the situation.


Pressure indicates purpose!

Every day we have a chance to make a difference.

puprose is not what you do when you’re married with children, out of college, 40, or later on in your life from now, it’s now. Purpose is what you are becoming or not becoming now. You don’t develop into your purpose on a day you do it, daily. You are becoming now who you will be later.
What are you doing with what you have now? At the end of a day have you grown a step closer to your destiny or a step further from your destiny? It’s dangerous if a leader sees more in you than you are able to see. Be aware! If you don’t see if for yourself you will never get it, reach it, or step into it!
God will bring you “things” to help mold you to be who you’re destined to be and to shape you into what’s needed to be fruitful in your purpose and effective in your destiny.
If you will allow God to, He will push you into exponential growth! The only thing stopping you from exploding with great was is literally YOU! I am talking to myself here!


There are so many things we could seek after in this life. We can easily get our focus off the light of the world and priority 1 to lesser things that are temporal and meaningless for our existence. When considering what Jesus accomplished for us, the undeserving, our only response should be, can be, is… Jesus is better. Every experience we are given on our road to destiny and living in our purpose on purpose daily is or can be the opportunity for you and me to see heaven come to us. This is not just for those we consider generals in the army of God or those in prestigious placement in our view but it is available to anyone and everyone open and seeking, willing and hungry.

So, if I can leave you with one final thought, one that I only hope will ring in your ears until you embrace it I will say to you…
That dream and destiny that drives you through your purpose, you know the one…the one that gives you hope, those ideas that flood your heart and mind and cause you to burn with the anticipation of what if… well believe the dream, believe the hope, believe this destiny you desire, the dream you dream over and again, just believe you didn’t create it all by yourself. God put it there, He nourishes it, the dreams and destiny He put inside you were His dreams first. There is nothing capable of following that thought up concerning this topic except an awe-filled silent pause… wow.

You may be so tired from believing so hard that your very heart feels sick but you must believe in your potential, purpose, destiny and dreams at all costs. They began in the mind of God and will be birthed through you.  Hope deferred makes the heart sick, so remember all those that came before you that fought through so many disappointments refusing to give up. You may be sick in heart right now but keep pushing, find support if need be but keep pushing. God will bring you the needed tests to create in you what is needed to make it, be prepared and pass them.

Now go out and live in your purpose and make history!

Burn in the Marketplace

Genesis 39:1-23 41:9-14 32-40 every He is promoted. always. Joseph was 30 yrs old running the greatest nation in the world. He went from the pit to a palace and according to the Bible God is no respecter of persons and what is extended to one is extended to all! Rom. 2:11!

You cannot shut down, cover up or impede favor. no one can stop it, nothing can stop the favor of God.
your life follows your soul and thoughts. “that your life prosper as your soul prospers”
The bible says we are called to be kings and priests to have dominion and authority. not to be broke and praying but prosperous and powerful in all realms. Jesus did not pick preachers he picked entrepreneurs. tax payer fisherman’s, dr., farmers, property owners, wholesaler of garments and so on and so on… He doesn’t go to the temple he goes to the marketplace for followers. He doesn’t want to church to be a culture but a counter culture.

Why did he pick people from the market place unless its because this is where he wanted to impact the most? there is a kingly anointing and a priestly anointing and we as people often uplift the priestly anointing the most because they appear to be closer to God… this is not biblical. He used Peters business skills to get peter and jesus out of a taxation dilemma. we are not just anointed to sing and preach, the anointing is God’s divine empowerment to fulfill an assignment. (The people in the Bible called Him son of THE carpenter not a carpenter, so I am I cloned to believe Joseph and Jesus both did well at their craft AND not to mention historians and scholars believe Joseph died at an early age and Jesus ran the business. If this is so it would require Him to be knowledgable about more than the Word and spiritual matters!)

The gifts in Romans…the gift of leadership, showing mercy, giving (you can’t give unless you have) not just spiritual gets in the “gifts of the spirit but the ones in romans are just as important.

Most of the problem you will find is people have many things but lack in money and use the excuse of “ministry” to not be held accountable for finances. there is a marriage between the natural and the supernatural… as in the marketplace and ministry. God might be anointing you to be prosperous in the marketplace not just in the perceived spiritual places.

Our walk with God and reaching there is not just about walking in dominion in the heaven lies and in the spirit realm, its about walking in dominion on the earth. Just because you don’t use the microphone doesn’t mean your not walking in your calling.

Working and burning for business is not discounted because its not ministry as long as God is number one and passionately sought after.
Its the “why” you are walking in dominion and power and authority in the marketplace. Glorify God and there is no cap off.

God wants us to have more than enough because there are others we can reach and help that don’t even have enough! Don’t forsake the giving, sowing, tithing. It gets you in the economic door with God.
The hand of the diligent will rule the hand of the slothful will always lack. proverbs. You have to do something wight he anointing God has given you and not sit on the very key that will get you out of the situation your in. He has already given you the keys to freedom.

What are you neglecting on the inside of you that you are neglecting? Is there something that is inside of you burning that you push away because it doesn’t look like ministry? Flourish in the glorious authenticity God has created you to be! The earth needs the anointing God has placed within you. God will take what you are made of naturally and use it supernaturally.

Hungry kids in africa don’t just need you to pray they need you to be empowered. the essence of the kingdom is producing solutions to peoples problems. embrace exactly how God has made you! You are empowered with an anointing that is your provision.

Everyone in the world has a divine anointing and divine assignment. examine all the ingredients that make up who you are. You don’t have to look good or be the best you just have to be authentic and effective.