Operation Affirmation: It Might be Funny but…


I know positive affirmations sometimes sound odd, strange, uncomfortable or down right silly to the individual using them! Let me say there are times you can talk yourself into or out of many mindsets or thoughts about yourself or personal worth and potential. I have been hearing a great deal of self-depricating talk coming from places of low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness whether we are open to admitting it to ourselves or not.

Some of you, including myself, may giggle, sneer, or outright laugh at some of these but consider the value of changing your thinking and living up to your potential… with those things in mind is this worth a try?

These work in the PRESENT tense, and whether you believe them YET or not give ’em a try…

When you feel lonely and/or sad:

1. I feel the love of the people who may not be here right now but I know love me!
2. I take pleasure in learning from my solitude.
3. I am too big of a gift to this world to live in self-pity.
4. I love me and I approve of me believing I am growing and changing all the time!

When you are feeling afraid but are safe:

5. I can focus on my breathing.
6. I have intuition and it is ok to follow it.
7. I am making right choices for myself.
8. I can draw from God’s strength and the abilities/strength He has given me.
9. I trust myself.

When feeling insignificant: (let’s all be honest with ourselves here…)

10. I am unique and there is no one else like me!
11. I have just as much to offer this world as anyone else.
12. I matter and my abilities and gifts matter.
13. I am one in 7 billion but I am still 1 and I have value!

Okay you may commence the giggling now or the sneering, smirking, huffing, or devaluing thoughts but it is my hope that in a moment of self-deprication one of these affirmations will pop into your head! Not to mention the 87 more to come! So before you completely blow off this information… consider where your weakness or deficit is within your view of self-worth. You may put on a strong face, a authoritative attitude, or the power suit/red tie/loud heels/furrowed brow but your not fooling me! Its all a game until someone gets hurt and typically that someone is yourself… An act can only go so far before you have to hit the reset button and regroup, recoup, and start again. Take a look at your views of self… do they line up with good mental health… do they line up with the Word of God… do they line up with success… do they line up with the way you want others to view you?  You get back what you put our there, you put out there what you have convinced yourself of whether you realize it or not… I would say now is the perfect time for some inner reflection!


Walk it out…

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. ~Henry David Thoreau~

I enjoy so many of Henry David Thoreau’s thoughts.  He is insightful and witty.  His thinking and willingness to share with other’s, provoked me this morning to thought so in light of his sharing I wanted to share! Maybe you will find something charging or inspiring here!

Joy is an essential spiritual component growing out of faith, grace, gratitude, hope, and love. When we dream, there is joy present. No one dreams with a motivation to seek the fruition of dreams when they are lacking joy in their life, in my opinion of course! We spend so much of our time focused on ourselves even if our intentions are “good”, what if we changed things up a bit. What if the path we are traveling, in the attempt of reaching our dreams came to a fork? One side of the fork is what we envision the journey as, the way we picture our path to look as we travel to our “destiny” and the other side of the fork completely different. The other side of the fork nothing like what we envisioned for ourselves and our finite journey. The secret we do not know concerning this fork is further on down the road the two sides join together again and only portion of our path has changed. The path, either road chosen, leads us to… our purpose, our destiny. Image One side, the familiar road, the one we have envisioned is focused on self… focused on what and who we need to be to reach our destination. The other side, the unfamiliar, surprise available, is focused on others, and making change ON THE WAY to our destiny. Do you see where I am going with this? We can either make change when we reach our purpose and flourish at the point of our destiny unfolding, or we can make change as we journey and see a path left behind us not of distraction, but of others that are flourishing because we encountered them and God was able to use us AS we journeyed!!!

It’s not what you look at that matters, its what you see. ~ Henry David Thoreau

This is of course just the spouting of an individual that has yet to reach the place of destiny and is currently still on a journey to reach my epic purpose! So by all means take my rambling with a grain of salt! At least for a moment imagine the difference your journey might make if we weren’t looking at our own feet as we walk, but looking around us!

I can tell you that surprise path, the fork you didn’t know was coming and your option to choose the way you have NOT envisioned, yeah, its less traveled. It is a path few choose, it is a path with little known about it. You will be a pioneer. Get ready for the ride of your life, all manner of excitement and adventure are up ahead, but theres always the familiar if adventure is too scary.  Here is an excellent definition of adventure:

An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.

This same path has been described by Robert Frost in his poem: The Road Not Taken and I would encourage you to go and read it.

Let me leave you with a finally thought from the great Thoreau… since he is the reason this thought become to be in the first place…

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.
~ Thoreau

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.

Rather…I would venture so far to say instead…whom…

Where are your feet taking you, and what will you see behind you if you look over your shoulder? 

Law-breaker or law-keeper, what’s it matter…

God is not limited by the way things have always been done. We as Christians often allow ourselves to feel like an underdog. When you are filled with the spirit of the living God you are NEVER the underdog! We have an opportunity and truly need to take it concerning those around us… We as the body of Christ must learn to celebrate those around us for who they are, instead of punishing them for what they are not.  We cannot love others if we do not love God. We cannot love God EXTRAVAGANTLY until we understand His acceptance of us.

You cannot force love. Its not something that be legislated, it has to be won, and the heart captivated. We as body silently are not convoked the love of God is attractive enough to bring people in to our “family”. As if the love of God will not win the heart of the people if it is preached in it’s purity and truth. Consider the story of the women with the alabaster box. You have an example of two different lovers of Christ. Simon Peter loved Jesus, welcomed Him into his home and was celebrating Him, but the woman with the alabaster box she came and to Him without a word washed His feet with her TEARS and wiped them with her literal hair… this is intense not a biblical cliche. Jesus made comment to the Pharisee you did not even kiss me and this woman has yet to cease. When your filled with your own righteousness and have every bit to do with where you are instead of Him being the reason for where you are of course you would fail to give Him whats due and lose sight of falling deeply madly in love with Him.

I know I am missing a lot here there is so much more on the topic, I am barely skimming the surface.  But I want to get a point across. What makes God so “awesome” for want of a better description, and for times sake this is only one reason: What makes Him so good… When God accepts me when I am failing, when I am thriving, when I am trying to do what I know He asks and He is accepting of my brokenness knowing when His great love and mercy is added to my hot mess of humanity, well… through the blood of Jesus God sees me as perfect.

You have a choice to either be the Pharisee treating Jesus as if He is not a big deal or a the woman that was so overcome by His greatness, His goodness and her love for Him that should couldn’t bring herself to even stand before Him! jesus_woman_washes_feet She laid at His feet and kissed Him and washed His feet!  If you can PAY for your own acceptance then of course He wouldn’t be a big deal.. whats His purpose?  Gods righteousness demanded sin to be punished and in love He did not want to punish me or you.  God loves man but hates sin.

When you come to the understanding of what God truly did and what Jesus truly did for us, for me, for you, then you want nothing but to spend your entire life lavishing love on Him, making every moment, every breath about Him and glorifying Him.  The realization of our brokenness must come first…the very brokenness that, no matter if you are a multi-millionaire and can buy anything you see, brings the understanding that there is nothing, not one thing we, or I, can/could do, it’s all because Jesus and His acceptance.

Consider the fact this woman was a prostitute, she broke marriages apart, and distorted families! According to the standard of the law in that time period, in order to be made right a sinner must repay all he or she had taken. How would a a person “like” her do this? Impossible! Jesus forgave her sins. period. The purpose of this all is… Jesus asked Simon Peter… “who loves me the most?” (totally paraphrasing but it is truth) and Peter answers “the one forgiven the most”. Jesus’ response… “Peter your missing the point… neither debt could be repaid”. Neither individual could do anything about what they owed. We are ALL lost. “lost and undone without God or His Son” None of us can pay.  Sure we know those actively living in sin don’t know Jesus and I could list the obvious sins that came to your mind just now but what about those resting in the law. Those who boast in God….lost too. We shouldn’t harp on the brokenness of man, sure without Him we can do NOTHING but WITH HIM… we can do ALL THINGS and thats the point!

This is the reason grace is being avoided so often… we are still much to full of our own righteousness. This is not a license to do “dumb” stuff, don’t be a fool. Don’t be engaged in sin, but don’t chock the avoidance of active sinning up to you or I having it all figured out. We have yet to arrive or we would no longer be on this old muddy ball known as Earth. The grace and the power and the acceptance and the love of God is what keeps you, is what provides.

I cannot imagine what sort of looks were exchanged between the religious man, the pharisee and the prostitute as they were gathered in that home. Then again I can. I have seen likes that must have been similar if not the same in our churches. The same churches that pride themselves on the love of Jesus they show. No church is perfect so don’t get your panties in a wad over that comment. If you get real for a moment you will admit there is always room for improvement through Him. I know that because there are still lost people only an invite away from meeting HIM.

I truly want your feedback if you have any thoughts on the subject. I do not look down on the body of Christ and everything I have said here is what I have already mulled through with myself. I am so far form arriving but a sinner saved by grace, yes another cliche that is befitting. Don’t be complacent, don’t cease to see growth and find comfort in saying “Im a christian” and leaving it at that. To be a true follower of Christ is to strive to literally follow Him. To be “like” Him and most of our lives look nothing like a reflection of Jesus. Do we read our BIBLE daily? I know I fail I need to read more. Do we pray without ceasing.. its in there, do we pay even 30 min a day? Thats not much in comparison with talking to others. Lets get real. IF we get real… life will no longer look recognizable. A new world. An entirely new life would be found.  Like I said I only skimmed the surface, there is so much I want to say and I am sure I have some how offended someone and that is far form my intent or desire. Maybe you have an insight I need to hear, one I have not considered or overlooked, maybe even one I have avoided?! Share.