It insults love to measure it by costs or sacrifices

If a man gave up all that he had in order to be with the person he loved and you went up to that man and said, “You are so noble” and patted him on the back, he would utterly despise your applause. It insults love to measure it by costs or sacrifices. Only those who have not truly loved would ever compare things like possessions, money, fame or even comfort, with love. Love is so much greater than them all that to give them in exchange for love is like tossing a thimble of water into the ocean and calling it a sacrifice when the ocean is now yours. Love… Love divine, knows no cost. It isn’t always a bed of roses but loving Him with all of our hearts is better than everything this life can offer. (Song of Solomon. 8:6)


The BIG Picture…

  • Do not allow the small details to break your focus on the big picture…
    1. Forgive yourself for every mistake you’ve ever made.
    2. Forgive others for their offenses against you.
    3. Stop obsessing over things you can’t control.
    4. Stop over analyzing and start doing.
    5. Stop judging what others do or don’t do.
    6. Let go of trying to control everything.
    7. Stop being a perfectionist and move on.
    8. Remember that almost everything is temporary.
    9. Find reasons to laugh out loud several times a day.
    10. Don’t compare yourself to others. Life is not a contest.
  • The person who is good at excuses, is usually not doing anything else…
    1. Stop making excuses.
    2. Start every conversation with a positive thought.
    3. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet.
    4. Eat for nourishment not for comfort.
    5. Express gratitude for the small things you appreciate.
    6. Do something nice for someone else every day.
    7. Tell the people you love how you feel daily.
    8. Count your blessings every morning and every night.
    9. Stop creating unnecessary drama in your life.
    10. Help others. Just do it… Help others.
  • Followers make excuses; Leaders make adjustments in order to get the job done…
    1. Never complain. If something bothers you take action.
    2. Find ways to express your creativity regularly.
    3. Actively interact with positive people as much as you can.
    4. Don’t over focus on potential (imaginary) problems.
    5. Be reasonable about scheduling your time.
    6. Do things that connect you to others, pay it forward.
    7. Stop taking things personally, it’s not always about you!
    8. Quit agonizing over decisions you’ve made. It’s a done deal. Learn from mistakes!
    9. Ask yourself: Is this temporal or eternal… is it worth it?
    10. Quit reacting like everything is an emergency. Overreacting.
  • Motivation is crucial…
    1. Stop trying to do everything yourself. Get some help.
    2. Learn from others and allow them to teach you form their wisdom.
    3. Seize every opportunity to be encouraging to others.
    4. Stay away from the negative “what if” syndrome.
    5.  Live in the present instead of longing for the past.
    6.  Unchain Yourself from conventional thinking myths.
    7. Life isn’t always fair but it is still a gift, practice gratitude.
    8. Do each thing to the best of your ability your character is on the line.
    9. Keep your goals, purpose, destiny and calling in mind, it is not about you.
    10. Think outside the box, reach outside yourself, and dream big! Impossible even!

What works for you in these areas?

Compelled By Love


   Your geographic location, job title, job description, or salary/wages has no hold over your mindset and approach to the mission field known as the world… There is a place and a job for everyone in advancing the kingdom and its up to personal decisions whether or not those jobs will be filled. Whether that is going to Mozambique and working in a village, or cleaning the toilets in a country store in lower Arkansas. Many field the amount of impact they have for the kingdom is defined by the prestige of the job they are doing. It’s not.
           Do you do what you by with the mind of Christ? Are you compelled by love?

For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all, and therefore all died. And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again. 2 Corinthians 5:14-15

Here is an excellent story:

     Many of you may know who I am speaking of immediately but I hope you are all blessed by this story of love that truly cast out all fear!
     A missionary in Africa was so distraught over 80 of her dearly loved staff and their families that were suffering from a cholera outbreak in the village they were working in. They were in a tent known as “the dying tent” and they had all been told they will not live much longer, even much more than a day. This missionary prayed and asked God what she could do because she knew there must be something. There were 80 men women and children whose lives were about to end and this was not okay with her. God spoke to her and told her to go into the tent and get face to face with each sick individual and hug them cheek to cheek and love them. This tend was not only restricted to medical personnel only it was also guarded by armed guards. So without hesitation or regard for her own life she walked right up to the tent and passed right through the entrance without anyone thinking anything of her passing through. She began doing exactly what God spoke to her and with each person she loved she was being covered more and more with their vomit and defication. A nurse cried out to her, “You are going to die!” but she did not waver and continued on with her mission. Not to her surprise, God raised all 80 of them up, no one died, everyone was saved form this Cholera outbreak! In the natural this is completely unheard of but God is so capable of meeting our needs and is often willing to meet our wants as well. 

    For this missionary, she was relying on perfect love casting out all fear.. 

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love. ~1 John 4:18

    If this woman had been fearful of dying herself, she would never have obeyed the Lord but she TRUSTED Her Father and His infinite wisdom. She did not rely on her knowledge of the natural and how things work. If she had allowed her knowledge of disease and feared death for herself 80 men, women, and children would have died and possibly more. This miracle did not happen a hundred years ago, this occurred in our present time! With our generation of people. What is our excuse?Image Why do we not speak up in the grocery store when the elderly lady is obviously struggling and in pain, and we do not pray for her or even help her for that matter. We do we not speak up when a woman is struggling with three kids in the check out line and she is parenting them alone and is obviously frazzled… ?! 

    We are the history makers, dreamers of dreams and makers of music, we are the ones that can make a difference, are you compelled by love today? Are you willing to sacrifice a few minute of your time when others have given all, their entire lives and even their life!? Whats holding you back? I have to examine myself as well! I cannot be a hypocrite and say I do these things all the time… so why don’t I? 

What are your thoughts? 

How can you be the “help on the way” when He has said to you look to the mountain…
How can we spread that word to those we see DAILY in need of looking up, lifting up their heads… 
If you have found ways of making a difference for those daily struggles please share! 

Everyday we live is significant, its not a 24 hour period we should fight to get through in order to do it all over again tomorrow. Today matters. I have discovered I must look to God when I want to look at my problems because I cant fix them He can but in the waiting place He gives peace. Giving and doing for others will surely make a difference in our own struggles… 

What Price Freedom…

These three words were proposed to my 9th grade english class “several” years ago. 
    At the time I didn’t completely grasp the meaning of these words. We were asked to write a paper on what these three words meant to me. I struggled and struggled to find the words to described the price of freedom and at moments I wondered if this was a trick question. 
    I can say at this time these words now mean more than I can describe in a single paper. Over the years the words have morphed and changed in definition. Each milestone in my life have influenced the feeling and meaning behind these words. What thoughts come to your mind when presented with this contemplation?
    The derivative of these 3 short power-filled words completely escapes me and if anyone knows please share with us, I have searched and looked around finding many ideas or guesses at their origin. I have been reflecting on this thought since yesterday, as I do at least yearly at this time and often when I am involved in any military functions. There are two basis for our freedoms. We all, for the most part, acknowledge the temporal friends won to us by the countless men and women that have laid their lives down to make our country strong, safe, and with as many ore more friends as any other country in our entire world. ImageConsider the eternal side as well this year. Consider what our eternal freedom has cost one singular man. Just as many soldiers have done for us in war after conflict after war, one perfect man, sinless and all-knowing laid down His life to give us ours without the consequences we deserve for our nature. 
    I am not trying to be overly spiritual and create an argument over the acknowledgement over the recognition of the wonderful men and women we dearly love and call family and friends that have given all for us, often the ungrateful and forgetful. I am just trying to bring our thoughts to focus not only on the temporal but the eternal as well.     With all that is going on, the controversy and heartache concerning the foundation of our great country, don’t forget all the sacrifices that have been made to make us who we are today and what has kept us strong for so long, or rather who! “Give me Liberty or give me Death!!” A phrase delivered by American Patriot Patrick Henry at the time of the founding of our Country.  Hasn’t this quote been lived out in reality over and over a countless number of times. This is our history and this is our present!
Image“My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty, Of thee I 
Sing.” Remember that song? Have you heard it sung lately?
    My family and my friends have given and given and even given all. I know everyone reading this can say the same. Everyone is touched by war and dissension. Honor both our Creator for His ultimate gift for eternal freedom from sin and the grave and the innumerable we love that have also given for our temporal safety and freedom.

  • What does…What Price Freedom… mean to you?
  • What freedoms do you cherish that you might not have without the death and sacrifice of others?
  • What reflection is there to be had in Christ on our day of Independence?

Are you crazy enough?!

Are you crazy enough to step out of your comfort zone and make a difference in the world around you which will in return create a ripple effect changing the entire world…?

    To begin with change it will more than likely come from the influence of the younger generations… the 20 somethings and younger are our future! If you want to make a difference it is obvious the starting point is right here. 
    Everyone has an opinion about the young adult and younger generations but few feel the push or desire to invest int he lives of those individuals. Here lies the deficit. As a general basis there is a sense of belonging being sought after hence the radical decisions many young people make. Imagine if you were able to help one person bi-pass a negative situation because you decided to Imagefoster a sense of belonging and guide the individual to a more positive and productive outlet for all that energy we wish we could harness. 
    The little things we do make a big difference, words, actions, and the impressions we leave behind. Choose to make a difference. So many live their lives for self and how much they are capable of gaining in their lifetime. Hedonism. 
    There are so many things we can do in life to leave a legacy behind when we look outside ourselves. Even other than invest in young people. There are opportunities to be found nearly everyday in life to make changes to create positive effects and create a world you would want for your children and grand children. It is never to late for you to step up to the plate and start. You can find charities, volunteer opportunities, churches in need, shelters, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and countless other opportunities to reach out and give back. Consider the cliche’ Pay it Forward. 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Ghandi

    No words could be found more true… Now is the best time for you to make a move, make a change, find a reason to smile, laugh and love for REAL. The sense of community has faded to a detrimental degree and is needed more now than ever in our history. No one is perfect so if you are waiting for someone worthy of your investment you will not find one. It is also those flawed ordinary people make the change…. Consider some of these ordinary people…

  • Amelia Earhart
  • George Washington
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Lucille Ball
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Abraham Lincoln 

    These are just a few people who made a difference by choice, success and change didn’t simple fall into any of their laps. History is made by you and me, history is made by the ordinary people making extraordinary decisions.Image Do something bigger than yourself, the impossible and know that you have the help of One great than you to which the word impossible has no meaning.
    Do what you feel is the impossible, why not? If it is possible within yourself could it be it may not be history making and world changing, be great!
    Why do we choose not to do the impossible or make changes that create a positive difference… 
    What if there were no limits set on your life concerning your abilities, what would you set your hand to do?
    Where would you go, who would you touch, what would you do with the limitless life you were given? What if its true already and we do not even stop to consider what few limitation we actually may have if our mind were set to overcome our obstacles. Anything worth having or conquering is going to present a challenge in some form but the rewards are worth all the hardships that may come. What are you allowing to hold you back from making changes? What are you allowing to limit your dreams and success? What if you chose to live on the edge?

    What are your dreams? What would you invest in the dreams of others?
    What can you do to make a change in this world outside yourself?