Long Hairy Road…

We have been given free will.  The importance of this free will is a persona character and choice between good and evil. Image Surely there is more to it you ask? Nope. You have a choice and cannot serve two masters! It is my opinion that every human is called to be great! Everyones calling of greatness is as unique as that persons fingerprints.
Choosing wisely effects not only the individuals future but the lives of everyone around just as that cliché of the ripple in a pond suggests…
In our daily lives, we are given opportunities for victory whether it be a small dilemma or inconceivable sized mountain of dilemma. What tends to trip us up in our finite ability to think and create, is what our idea of victory is. Bringing us back to the choice of good or evil when what we believe to be the only form of victory does not show. You can use your free will to trust God and continue on a journey for good and trust the all knowing Creator sees the end picture and the way our purpose play into it or choose evil and take matters into your own finite hands potentially damaging your own life and that of others. 
Victory does not mean the end of conflict, but the active move toward the end of the dilemma  or trial is the beginning of victory. John 16:7 reminds us the Holy Spirit is our Helper. Don’t set Him on a shelf and think in our human condition it is possible to fix any problem much less those under supernatural influence. 
Many will find themselves on the road for evil not recognizing so because they believe they are a good person and that is enough. If you knew the Word that you claim to believe you would know being a god person does not get anyone to an eternity with the Father. He designed us with free will and this is where your choice falls. Good or evil, this is not a specific choice of integrity it is a life and heart choice, a choice of which road to travel down. The wide beautiful and heavily travelled road is a road to destruction but the less traveled, obscured, narrow road leads to an eternity spent in the Love of God. 
If you find yourself on a cycle of defeat, you are facing a fork in the road. Your awareness creates that fork, a choice, the creator and giver of all things good, or the life of hedonism with an end of eternal separation form the Love of God. 

Please consider the consequences of your temporal pleasure and the effect your life has on those you love! 


One thought on “Long Hairy Road…

  1. Precisely.
    So many people fall for the romantic notion of having the ability to shape their own destinies, while they fail to recognize the limitations of their choices (as you put it).
    Perhaps the bravest choice one can make, and the bravest act of free will possibly, would be to choose to follow God’s instructions, whatever they may be, wherever they may lead.

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