Who’s that talking?

What have we been taught?

Shhh, you talk too much,

Go and play,

Go and watch television.

Don’t look outside there is nothing there for you.

Sit up straight and look pretty for the people.

Mothered by television, fathered by games

Why do you act in such ways?

Cover your eyes, close your ears, and shut your mouth!

Get in your little room

We made it just for you

Fashioned to house you in solitude happily in silence

If the door is locked we can keep you there

You will grow up

you will be just as we want

But the raging that comes from the room

Looking through the small glass the child rages beating the door

Screaming out

Beating and screaming

Quiet you hear quiet

Soon silence, calm


Growth has come

Looking through the glass only to find death

The child laying in a quite, cold mass on the floor

Bloody and almost unrecognizable

What went wrong?


This generation is looked at and questioned why? Why do you have pink hair, why wear black make-up, what’s with the tattoos and piercing’s, why must your music be so loud and your entertainment so wild?

They are trying so hard to fill a void. An un-parented void this generation has never been taught how to love. Each young person is looking for his or her place, LOVE, sense of belonging, identity. We need so greatly people to rise up and say I will love you, I will mentor you, I will Father you and I will mother you! There is just something about being called son or daughter.

God however is standing beside each of these young people crying and whispering Abba is here, you will never be alone I am proud to be your father. I take your rejection, in-security, bitterness, intimidation, and fear. I take on all loneliness, and addictions, no more self mutilation, no more helplessness. The earth is groaning for the sons and daughters of the living God to rise up. Rise up and stand alongside your Father who will never walk out on you for any reason.Image

God has made each person fearfully and wonderfully and He will never walk away God will carry you. He loves you with your green hair and twelve piercing’s, He rejoices in your loud music and unexplainable wild dancing. He finds joy in your laughter and His heart breaks with your tears, Daddy God knows your flaws, fears, hurts, and desires, each is so important and rests in his heart. Others may walk away and have often in young people’s lives today, but God made the ultimate sacrifice proving His love and loyalty.  We want safety and security; do you not hear our cry? Do you not see our tears, our pleas for love for tenderness? Are you just so wrapped up in your big ministries trying to out do the pastor down the road having the most people on a Sunday morning that you don’t see the smallest child vying for your love and attention? God however hears those prayers when the parents in our lives do not. The warmth of the Fathers love banishes all fear, bringing the great security and safety we so desperately need.  Our Father, Abba, has given us great instruction for relationships on Earth. The Father’s word is infallible therefore there is no discrepancy in His instructions on what love is. So why has this simple command been so forsaken? We are to love on another with an everlasting love just as the Father loves us. I look about at the young people my age and my heartbreaks for them. I see their emptiness, their pain, I hear their cries to be loved and cared for. I see the need for love so great in my generation. What can be done? The mess being handed down can only be corrected by the hand of the Father, as well as correcting the un-parented crisis and the emptiness plaguing the young by His love and kindness with His warm tender presence.
Otherwise, the cycle will only continue and there will be yet another generation born into this world to be left to

learn and grown with no instruction, guidance love and tender care.


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