Complacency… smacency!

The power a man finds in simple words…mere words…has evolved and changed over the years. Masters of the pen long ago and more recent still could move a person to the depth of their being. CS Lewis’s voice still rings true and clear throughout his writings relevant as if we were a timeless society!
A voice…mere words…much more than that, they can be, to someone near devastating waters, a beacon in their night filled with confusion and desperation. I am a harvester of that light. Devouring any knowledge that comes my way.
The conviction and dynamic passion with which Henry David Thoreau wrote was with such power men were ripped from their seats of complacency and thrust into action.
Where is the passion and desire driving people today to fight for something! Stand for injustice and refuse to go unheard!

Do something different today…anything different.  Step out of your rut…MY rut, I have to too! Give God a place and some room to work and be willing to obey. He is able and if we are willing, that makes an unstoppable team of CAN DO!

Being complacent is not as easy as it sounds, you have to CHOOSE actively to ignore your calling, ignore HIS voice, and refuse to be obedient. The opposite of complacency is easier in my opinion… it takes one active decision…say YES! Be obedient!  Being complacent is not going to create comfort and familiarity for you or me its only going to create a path for destruction to creep up and mow you over!



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